How long will my order take to arrive?

This is a very common question!

Items have a processing time and a shipping time.

A processing time is the time it takes from when you place your order to the time we ship the item, or the production time.

A shipping time is the time is takes from when we drop the item at the post office to when it arrives to your location.

Many of our items have a 3-5 business day processing time or the time it takes to make your item. Once we make your item, we ship the item using the shipping you purchased at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing priority shipping at checkout does not mean that your item will arrive in 2-3 days, we still need time (processing or production time) to make the item and get it ready to ship.

💕We are a small business and everything we make is handmade, no outsourcing, no drop shipping, we design, create and ship every item right from our shop!💕